Joyce Blanchard

Joyce is to thank for starting it all off, having first licensed the riding school in 1984 and originally bought the school horses, of which Shoshoni is still going. Joyce is still seen around the yard doing the feeds morning and night. Still heard too, those of you around when Joyce and Mike  together will know what i mean!

Lorrain Love

Lorrain has worked with us on a volentary and paid basis for over 7 years.  I can't say how many years lorrain has worked with horses as it may give away how old she is, lets just say it's over 15 years! . Lorrain is mainly in charge of liveries a dSo lots of experience with horses from cobs to show jumpers. Not a bad rider either, but seams to have an allergy to riding at the mo

More on the rest of the team soon!

Jamie Blanchard

Jamie is the resident instructor at Orchard Farm and over see's livery care. Jamie started riding at around 7 years old, competing at local shows with his pony Zola. He competed locally until leaving school. After leaving school he went to an equestrian  college part time, receiving coaching from list 2 dressage judge, Bhsi Steven Cruickshank and Olypic rider Mick Saywel. By 18 he had gained Bhs stages 123 and ptt. After college Jamie worked at Orchard Farm trying to build up the business and improving facilities. 

Jamie  has also competed British show jumping on and off for the last 12 years, jumping at large shows such as the Festival of Show jumping. After a 3 year break Jamie is currently jumping his new ride Businessman (Junior).

Orchard Farm Riding Holidays

Inc Orchard Farm Equestrian and                                                                               

EAST LINCS ARENA                                                                                                                                               Call Jamie on 07736 631323

Mike Blanchard

Mike is to thank for us using the land for horses and converting the buildings for equestrian use. He is a very important part of the yard and has the hard job of feeding the horses in the field. Oh, and fixing things, usually with bailing band. He also likes a chat so make sure you're in no rush if you ask about the history of the village, or how to do something, or anything really! 

About us/staff...

Orchard Farm Riding holidays..

Orchard farm was once a farm  run by Mike Blanchard, specialising in dairy farming. Like many small farms it slowly diversified to try and supplement the income. Joyce Blanchard  first licensed it as a riding school in 1984, offering fully inclusive riding holidays. This proved popular, especially for the beach rides, but the income was very seasonal this making it hard to keep running through the winter months. In 1997 Jamie qualified as a riding instructor. Jamie showed little interest in the riding holidays and instead focused on building up a riding school and livery yard. This carried on with steady improvements to the centre, including an indoor  (2003)  and outdoor arena (2008). 2011 saw the return of Orchard Farm riding holidays with the purchase of a 4 bedroom holiday house at the end of our drive. New improvements for the equestrian centre is a further extension to our indoor school, completed 2014.

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